Hello! I'm Leila & this is my blog, Emerald City Girl. Here you will find posts about fashion, food. fitness & things I like to do for fun. Mostly I started this blog to teach myself about these things. I've been living in clueless land for quite some time now.

Why the name Emerald City Girl?
Because I live in the Emerald City of course! Oh and I'm a girl :) Seattle has been my home since January 2008.
Before that I was living on the West Coast of Australia.

Random facts about me
  • I've been happily married since December 2007, but happily committed since August 2001
  • My husband & I are high school sweethearts
  • I'm much closer to 30 than I am to 20
  • I'm a bit of a geek at heart
  • Super Mario Bros is the best game ever made
  • Coffee addict {but hey I live in the coffee capital!!}
  • My idea of a great night is take out, a couple of close friends and video games
  • I once saw Jon Voight eating lunch at Panda Express, who knew celebrities are real people too?
  • In 1991 I won a colouring competition and got my photo in the newspaper, twice
  • The year or two before that, I won a sand castle making competition
  • I love to be random and constantly don't act my age
  • You know I'm around when you hear the phrase, "Life is short so just enjoy it"

Emerald City Girl can be found on Facebook, Twitter, Blog Lovin' & 20sb. Or alternatively you can always drop me a line!
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