Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Celeb Style: Zooey Deschanel

I first noticed Zooey in an episode of Weeds. She was a support character playing a love interest to character Andy Botwin. Her character was a little crazy and erractic but she played it very convincingly. As someone who could use the words "crazy" & "erractic" in a list of words to describe myself I was instantly drawn to this simiarlity.

I then saw her in the movie Yes Man and then following that (500) Days of Summer. Which is now in my list of all time favourite movies. Both characters resonated with me.

A few months ago I discovered that she also a singer-songwriter in the band She & Him. It is the prettiest most upbeat music. It makes me happy when I listen to it.

This is a song from She & Him, that was featured in (500) Days of Summer. Very cute clip.

Most recently, I discovered via her twitter (@therealzooeyd) that she is now a blogger over at the website Hello Giggles.

{taken from Hello Giggles}

She is one talented lady! But more than all of that, one of my favourites was her letter to Vogue before she was famous at age 17 blasting them on their views on ideal beauty. I agree wholeheartedly with her views, so well written and still so very relevant!

I also think she has the prettiest face, it almost makes me want to go back to being a brunette.


Monday, May 23, 2011

{Guest Post} Creating a Capsule Wardrobe

Today I bring you the very first guest post from the fabulous Cait. {I'm still a little under the weather but will be back tomorrow} If you aren't following her blog Sailing To Nowhere yet you should definitely head over there and check it out. She is pretty wonderful. Thank you so much Cait for being the first guest blogger at Emerald City Girl! ~ Leila

Hi there, I'm Cait from Sailing to Nowhere and today I am lucky enough to guest post here at Emerald City Girl for the lovely Leila. Today I'm going to show you how to create a capsule wardrobe of ten items that can be easily mixed and matched to create many outfit combinations. I have gone for a spring/summer theme, choosing ten items of clothing from my wardrobe plus a pair of shoes and a belt. Creating a successful capsule wardrobe can be useful for forming the basis of your wider wardrobe, focusing your style, helping you clear out your clothes or packing for a holiday so I really recommend giving it a go.

My capsule wardrobe includes a classic trench style mac, a light motif tee, a breton stripe top, two plain cardigans in mustard and beige, a long denim shirt, skinny jeans, floral shorts, a ditsy skirt and a floral blouse. Even as I was choosing the items for my capsule wardrobe I was thinking of combinations I wouldn't have normally thought of, I have so many clothes in my wardrobe yet I find I reach for the same items without trying anything new so this exercise was an attempt to get myself out of a style rut.
When choosing the items for my capsule wardrobe I picked items that I love and wear often, for example the jeans I absolutely live in, the floral blouse is one of my favourites and even though the shorts are new I can see them becoming a wardrobe staple. I mix and matched the items to create different outfits to show you how you can create both simple and chic outfits as well as something a bit different using just the same few pieces.
You can also use the collection as a guide to direct the clearing out of your current clothes, it is likely that the ten items will reflect your current style, allowing you to identify what you like in your wider wardrobe and what styles you have outgrown. It can be difficult but worthwhile, I know that I certainly need to have a major re-think of my wardrobe and this way of mixing and matching clothes I already have is a good way to start and can give a fresh perspective on some of the clothes I already have. You can also use your new wardrobe to direct future purchases by asking yourself such questions as; are they similar to an item I already love? Will it mix and match with the items in my capsule wardrobe?
I hope this post has given you some inspiration to look at your wardrobe with fresh eyes and explore outfit options from a new perspective.

I would love to know what you think, what is in your capsule wardrobe?

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Being sick sucks so here is some pretty to cheer me up.

Daniel & I are home sick. With a cold. And I feel like dying. I haven't moved from the couch since Tuesday night. Which means I haven't finished my "in my closet" posts for Wednesday & Thursday. I'm planning on doing a really big catch up tomorrow. In the mean time check out these funky and gorgeous shoes I found on Irregular Choice. I love their stuff, so pretty & unique!!

They even have a wedding line. A very pretty & funky wedding line.

I'm going to rest up a bit more on the couch with some good trashy tv and will be back tomorrow with the rest of the "in my closet" posts.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

In My Closet: Tuesday
{Jewellery, Handbags & Accessories}

This is day 2 {Tuesday} of "In My Closet". Today I'm giving you a look at all my jewellery, bags & accessories {which is really only sunglasses & purses becaues I have nothing else - LAME!}.

I have hardly any of this sort of stuff. I found stuff in my jewellery box from when I was seven years old. Yikes! I really need to work on building up all of these things.

{left to right} White gold earrings from my bf & silver leaf earrings ~ both things are over five years old

{left to right} Sparkly hoops from MIL {mother in law} & my bridesmaid earrings from my bf ~ both fairly new {I LOVE MY HOOPS!}

{left to right} 21st birthday present from my MIL & I *think* this is also from my MIL {she has amazing taste in jewellery and always buys me the best presents!}

{left to right} Another gift from my MIL & some cheapy bangles. {I am currently wearing my locket bracelet}

My beautiful pink dragonfly necklace {also from my MIL. I wear this all the time and never remove it ~ it's a very special piece to me}

{top to bottom} My promise ring, my engagement ring & my wedding band {I wear the promise ring on my right ring finger & my engagement/wedding band on the traditional left ring finger}

I found these really old trinkets in my jewellery box when I was taking the photos for this post.

1. Gold Airplane - I got this out of a crystal ball candle that you had to burn all the way to the bottom to see what charm you got. At the time {I was 13} I wanted to be a pilot so I thought when I got an airplane charm I was really going to be a pilot! Now I realise it was probably telling me about my big adventure on an airplane to America.

2. This key was given to me by my very best friend when I was eight years old. We moved apart and she gave me this so I never forgot her. And I didn't.

3. A horoscope charm given to be my by best friend at age eighteen. I've given up believing in horoscopes and such but I keep it as a reminder to who I was at eighteen.

{top left to right, bottom left to right} DKNY Bag "thift find!". Ancient black faux snakeskin bag I really should give to goodwill. Small big buckle pink faux snakeskin bag. Lag Jag pink faux snakeskin bag - I use this as my carry on bag when I travel, so roomy! Shades of blue fabric bag "thrift find!"

{purses top to bottom} Everyday use grey faux snakeskin purse. Grey simmer clutch. Pretty owl purse.

{sunglasses top to bottom} 60's chic sunglasses {my current favs}. Glamour black sparkle sunglasses. Sporty wrap sunglasses.

Wow, that took a lot longer than expected but I had a lot of fun putting this post together. I love going through my jewellery box and the memories I have with different pieces. I realised I'm accessory anorexic and really need to get my crap together!

What are your favourite online accessory stores?

Monday, May 16, 2011

In My Closet: Monday {Shoes}

Hello & welcome to day one of "in my closet". Today I will be sharing all of my shoes {crappy & pretty} that I currently have.

When taking the photos for this, I realized that I really don't shoe shop as frequently as I should. I have a bad habit of holding on to shoes for longer that I should until they are quite literally falling apart.

Note to self: Buy more shoes!

1. Zip-up Boots {Hardly ever wear these ~ three years old}
2. Water proof snow boots {Still use these ~ three years old}
3. Black "skate" shoes {Use when I need enclosed shoes - i.e cleaning etc, still in use ~ two years old}
4. Runners {I use these when exercising, still in use ~ three years old}

5. Silver strappy heels {These are ancient. I think I got these in 2006?} WILL THRIFT
6. Black strappy heels {I bought these for my 21st birthday dinner nearly seven years ago. I really don't wear them enough, they are still in fairly new condition}

7. My "Lady Gaga" shoes {I bought these June 2010 and still haven't worn them anywhere. They are so pretty!}
8. My Pink Pumps {My bridesmaid shoes I wore in February 2011. Still great condition and could be paired with jeans or dresses}
9. Mary Jane Pumps {Bought these from a costume store two years ago. Still awesome condition}

10. My thrifted cork wedges {Only new, good condition - love wearing these out}
11. Pointy flats {Love wearing these in the office because they are pretty but practical. Very comfortable}

12. Roxy thongs or flip-flops as more commonly known in the US {Super comfortable, still use in the Summer time ~ two years old}
13. Fit flops {These work out your calf muscles while walking, really comfortable & still using them ~ less than one year old}
14. Stitch flats {Still in use ~ two years old}
15. Everyday flats {I have worn these to death. The lining is coming out and I really need to replace these ~ two years old}

Wow, so all up I have fifteen pairs of shoes!

How many pairs of shoes do you own? When was the last time you sorted through your shoes?

Tomorrow on "In My Closet": Handbags, Accessories & Jewellery

Thursday, May 12, 2011

{Recipe} Chicken Tikka Masala

I've wanted to expand my recipe knowledge base because the current rotation of meals I have been cooking are getting quite boring. So I asked Daniel what he was digging at the moment and he told me about the chicken tikka masala that he gets at work. So I found a recipe from and altered it to better suit our tastes {and because I can't help altering a recipe so it makes it "mine"}. This is SO easy to make and SUPER SUPER yummy! I recommend it to every one.

5/5 Whisks. {Daniel rated this "10 times better than the stuff at work"}


Wednesday, May 11, 2011

In My Closet

Lately I've been thinking a lot about whether I wanted to start doing outfit posts on my blog. I've wanted to but I'm lacking in self confidence and wardrobe to be completely honest. I've faltered slightly on my quest to learn about style {being unemployed will do that to you} But I've already confessed my complete lack of understanding of fashion and personal style right?

So in lead up to getting my "Learning to Style" posts back up {I'm still working on them} and to introduce myself to this whole outfit post business I'm sharing my closet with you.

"In My Closet" will be running all week starting Monday 16th May and finishing Friday 20th May. I will share the main portion of my wardrobe staples. This includes outfits, shoes & accessories. And from here I will continue on with the "Learning to Style" posts.

"Hairstylin" will return next week. I'd put off from doing them because I really needed to deal with my regrowth but yay! today I'm heading into the salon.

I can't wait to get started with "In My Closet", I'm really looking forward to it. Plus we are moving apartments soon so its a chance to get organized.

When was the last time you cleaned out your closet?

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