Friday, October 28, 2011


5. engagement/bridal pictures

I had too much fun putting this together. I haven't looked over my wedding photos in forever so it was fun reliving all those wonderful memories. I found it so difficult to pick out a reasonable amount of photos and have gone a little photo crazy, so apologies in advance for stealing all your internet while trying to read this post octa forex login!

girls getting ready.

{with my sister}

boys getting ready.

Daniel and his mum

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Wedding Wednesday #5: Engagement/Bridal Pictures - Part One

My wedding wednesday is a day late because I'm having such a great time playing host to my best friend who is visiting from Australia. Regular scheduled posting will be back to normal soon!

5. engagement/bridal pictures

Daniel & I had an engagement photo shoot but unfortunately I don't have any of those pictures on my computer but I did manage to find some pictures of our actual engagement party.

We had a smallish party. We hired out a local hall and got caterers in to do the food. We set out the tables similar to how we ended up having them at the wedding, with a bit of a dance floor. I had such a great time !

{our engagment cake}

{the cookie pops as favours}

Part two with bridal pictures coming soon.


Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Halloween Mantle Display for Less Than $20

One of my favourite things about America is Halloween. It is the _best_ time of year. The fall colours are ripe all over the trees, pumpkins are everywhere and the cool chill returns to the air giving that spooky feel. But better than that is you get to dress-up in costumes and pretend that things that bump in the night are creeping around.

Yesterday I decided to get in the spirit of things and decorate my mantle with a few bits & bobs. I was inspired after picking up a few things from the thrift store for super cheap! I picked up two jack'o'lanten candle holders for $1.50 each & the ghost candy dish for $1. I picked up two bags of candy corn which cost me $3, and poured them in layers into a vase I already had. I picked up the R.I.P gravestone {$1.99} & the orange lights {$5.99} from Michaels. Oh and the black card {$1.99}, which I made the bats from. Making my halloween display come to a massive $17!

I feel like it is missing something so I'm going to use some more of the black card to make spiders and hang them from the ledge. But overall I'm happy I could create something for less than $20.

I love how it looks, especially at night!
Did you do any decorating for Halloween this year?


Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Wedding Wednesday #4: The Ring

4. the ring

I never really knew exactly what kind of engagement ring I wanted before I got one. I'd flick through the wedding magazines {yes, I started reading them before I was engaged} and nothing in particular took my fancy. I knew I didn't want a princess cut or anything too over the top.

Daniel picked my engagement ring on his own and he picked wonderfully perfect. It is a .33 carat round solitaire cut diamond. Inside the band it has the words love & passion engraved with the "o" of love as a tiny diamond. I love it so much, it is perfect but most of all I love it because Daniel picked it. ♥

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